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Reliable, economical, simple to operate, with high drying power
Jewelry and Parts Dryer
Jewelry and Parts Dryer
Dry jewelry, machine parts, timing mechanisms and other small metal parts fast, without fear of tarnish, spotting or loss of lubricants. The Dryer evenly distributes hot air at a stable temperature enabling important lubricants to be preserved. The Dryer is designed to work in conjunction with L&R's Ultrasonic cleaning baskets, making hands-free transfer easy and eliminating the chance of oils, fingerprints and lint to collect on just cleaned items. Simply place the accessory basket on the special stainless steel grid and your items will dry quickly, efficiently and quietly. Small enough to fit on a counter top, is lightweight and plugs into any standard grounded 110 volt AC outlet and features a single push button control, convenient on-off switch and a pilot light.  The aluminum drip pan won't rust and the durable vinyl finish is stain-resistant. Made in America and built to last, all L&R Dryers are unconditionally guaranteed for one year

Dimensions : 10" L x 6 1/8" W x 18 1/2" H
Operating Temp :140 degrees F (approximately 60 degrees C)
Watts : 340
Volts : 117 AC (220/230V available)
Amps : 3
Heating Area : 28 sq. inches (180 sq. cm)
Cord Length : 5 1/2 ft. (1.6m)
Shipping Weight : 11 pounds (4.9 kg)

For pricing and information call toll free: 1-800-766-1066, locally: (757) 489-2401,
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